Coach Ray Kauling Counts on 16 Seniors to Lead The Way

by Daniel L. Chamness
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WESCLIN FOOTBALL TEAM. Front row (L to R) – Zander Kapp, Harrison Rakers, Christian Lopez, Aiden Norbury, Gavin Hollen- kamp, Tristyn Elling, Chad Coleman, Carson Richter. 2nd row (L to R) – Kody Jarvis, William Waggoner, Reed Evans, Daniel Hof- bauer, Karter Sims, Reign Bateman, Logan Brueggemann, Cole Ritzheimer, Caydon Farias. 3rd row (L to R) – Owen Josias, Colten Robins, Michael KAllvy, Marshall Partington, Connor Doty, Caleb Wright, Kaleb Ferris, Lino Garcia. 4th row (L to R) – Colton Earn- hart, Hayden Moravec, Ben Brown, Marc Olsson, Ayden Kahrhoff, Lucas Flanagan, Kayne Reed, Nick Hutcheson. Back row (L to R) – Josh Ware, Evan Orr, Adam Haas, Colby Buckles, Cael Madden, Noah Haas.