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  • Mike’s Musings
    Old age is a tiger that first creeps stealthily up behind you, then pounces. A new symptom appears suddenly; the transition from vigor to decrepitude seems instant, even though it’s been happening all along.
  • Capitol Facts
    The oddest political couple in the state’s Democratic Party is teaming up again.
  • Mike’s Musings
    The Thanksgiving holiday weekend provided a welcome caesura from further and more horrifying news from our diseased national political scene, and allowed media across the country to actually focus on some other stories that matter to our lives.
  • Capitol Facts
    Another relic of Tim Mapes’ days as House Speaker Michael Madigan’s chief of staff has passed into history.
  • The Chicago Tribune recently reported that Mike McClain, the most prominent insider connected to House Speaker Michael Madigan, sent a blind-copied email to what he called the “Most Trusted of the Trusted” asking for help raising money in the closing weeks of the 2018 campaign.
  • Mike’s Musings
    I wonder sometimes whether the entirety of my remembered life even happened, or if it’s a fiction created from the most desperate reaches of my mind.
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