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  • Capitol Facts
    I totally understand the campaign politics of not wanting to say what you think the income tax rates should be under a graduated tax structure.
  • Your Musings, and Lee Hamilton’s “Comment on Congress” editorials in the October 3 Sun both addressed polarizing national issues
  • Mike’s Musings
    I am tempted to say that age is catching up with me, but these days it seems more like it has already caught me, and is currently having its way with me.
  • Capitol Facts
    JB Pritzker was recently endorsed by Crain’s Chicago Business. Yes, you read that right.
  • Mike’s Musings
    I wish we were capable as a society of having an honest national conversation about issues involving men and women and sex and consent and misogyny and maturity, brought on by the Supreme Court confirmation hearings and more broadly the #MeToo movement, but we’re really not.
  • Capitol Facts
    The Anti-Harassment, Equality, and Access panel set up by the Democratic Party earlier this year released its final recommendations last week.
  • Mike’s Musings
    I hold tender thoughts for many of the superfluent traditions and customs that modern humanity has shrugged aside over the years. I believe we should be reluctant to set aside aspects of our lives as practiced by our predecessors, even when they cease to make sense.

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